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Discover the best free workout videos online to crush any fitness goal. From options ranging from dance videos (including Zumba) and yoga to HIIT and bodyweight exercises, watch the best trainers show you how it’s done.

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This 5-Move Full-Body Dumbbell Workout By Kelsey Wells Will Leave You Shaking

This quick and efficient 15-minute session will give you a taste of the trainer's PWR At Home 4.0 program, the most recent update to her original at-home lifting series.

Try This Exclusive 15-Minute Pilates Abs Workout from SWEAT's Latest Program

This exclusive Pilates mat workout will give you a glimpse into what this new program is all about. Hint: You're going to be hooked.

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Shape Studio: Energizing Cardio-Core Circuit

Think of these sequences as choreographed Pilates — they're fun to learn and follow along with, but totally killer.

Shape Studio: Yoga Flow for a Happy, Calm Mind

This snack-sized yoga flow is like a reset button for your mood.