This quick routine will maximize your burn and cinch your waist with compound moves

Updated: May 06, 2016

We all want defined abs, but working towards a six-pack isn't the only reason to build strength in your core. A strong midsection has plenty of benefits: improving balance, breathing, and posture, not to mention protecting you from injury and preventing back pain. The key is to target all areas of you core, not just the abs. And the best ab exercises incorporate everything from the arms to the toes.

While fat-burning workouts like HIIT and a healthy diet are critical to whittling excess belly fat, core work can take your body to the next level. The best part? Most of the exercises that make a big impact require little to no equipment, which means you can work them into your routine from anywhere-no excuses.

This Grokker workout video is part of a four-week slim-down series, led by expert trainer Sarah Kusch. It features two sets of exercises that engage the entire circumference of your core, not just your front abdominal muscles for a full-on ab blast. Grab an exercise mat and light ball and prepare for 10 minutes of core-burning magic.

Equipment Required: Ball, Exercise Mat (Optional)

10 minute workout

1 minute stretch at the end


10 rope climbs high

10 rope climbs diagonal each side

10 knees to side crunches each side

10 pelvic tilted crunches

30 sec forearm planks inch walks (back, forward)

10 T-shape dorsal raises

10 Knee to inside and outside Elbow Plank

Repeat entire set twice

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