This 100-Burpee EMOM Will Tire You Out In 10 Minutes Flat

Are you up for this 100-rep challenge?!

Sometimes you want a low-key workout like Pilates or yoga, or a slow, methodical strength session that lets you be really mindful of every muscle you're working. Other times, you want to be pushed to the limit—to have nothing on your mind other than surviving the workout.

This 100-burpee challenge from trainer Christi Marraccini, head of production and founder of GO on NEOU, is the latter.

The gist: You'll set a timer for 10 minutes, and every minute on the minute (EMOM) you do 10 burpees. Whatever time you have remaining in that minute, you get to rest. That's it.

It's simple, but certainly not easy. "This is a lot of burpees," says Marraccini. "It was a challenge even convincing Jaime (my partner) to do it with me! With that said, it is a challenge, and with practice, everyone can accomplish it at their pace and level."

There are a few different ways you can scale this challenge so it challenges you and doesn't outright kill you.

  • Scale the burpees: You can "pick your poison," so to speak, when it comes to your style of burpee. You can do chest-to-ground burpees where you lay your whole body on the floor for each rep, do them with a proper push-up at the bottom, nix the push-up completely and just jump in and out of a high plank, or step your feet in and out to make it lower impact.
  • Scale the reps: If you're a beginner, you might try this as a 50-burpee challenge and do 5 burpees each minute for five minutes total instead of 10. Or, if you find that you can't complete the 10 burpees during each minute, try for 7 or 8 per minute, and try to get more the next time. And if 10 reps are too easy? Add more.

Not only is this 100-burpee challenge ideal if you love a tough workout, but it's a great way to test your fitness progress over time. "It's a great test and re-test workout," says Marraccini. "Maybe you try to finish with more rest each time or maybe you try to add reps (if you scaled OR for even more of a challenge)."

If you find yourself struggling, know you're far from alone. That said, Marraccini has a tip to help you push through. "I learned this from CrossFit athlete Annie Thorisdottir when she was filming in the NEOU studio: Try small changes in your body positioning," she says. For example, place your hands wider for a few reps or slightly turned out; it will target the muscles differently. "And a great playlist never hurts!" (Try Spotify's newest workout playlist feature.)

Ready? Time to get to work. Just remember: It'll be over in 10 minutes. (If this is up your alley, you'll also love this 30-Day Burpee Challenge with Jen Widerstrom. You can also head to the NEOU app for a 30-day free trial and to get more workouts from Marraccini.)

How it works: Follow along with the video above to do the burpees in real-time with Marraccini, or embark on this challenge on your own. If you're doing the latter, set a timer for 1 minute, and set it to repeat 10 times. (You can do this using a stopwatch or a digital timer like the GymBoss Interval Timer app.) Every minute, you do 10 burpees. Rest for the remainder of the minute.

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