Carving a killer core doesn't *need* to kill your free time. The exercises in this 12-minute abs routine will build you a stronger midsection fast.

Updated June 25, 2019

There are *tons* of ways to build a strong core: You could do these ab exercises every day, burn your side body with leg lifts, or use the cable machine at the gym (though these might be the only two core exercises you really need). But sometimes, you just need something speedy—like is it possible to work your abs in 12 minutes or less speedy.

The answer: Yes. And that’s where this workout—12-minute abs featuring mountain climbers, spiders, Russian twists, plank jacks, and more moves that will burn so good—comes in.

Trainer Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT INMOTION, walks you through her 12-minute abs workout video that can be modified for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels.

The best part? There's not a single sit-up in sight for all 12 minutes of abs (we promise). (Related: The Best Easy Abs Workout for Women)

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