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This 13-Minute Cardio Routine Is Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

Ready to ditch your usual treadmill routine? Change things up and add these bodyweight exercises into the mix for a muscle-building workout that can be done anywhere. These tried-and-true moves work at any intensity level with easy modifications—a great option for both beginnners and seasoned athletes. Cardio can make all the difference in both training and weight loss, expecially if it's done right. (See: Cardio Myths That Are Setting You Back)

If you're a runner looking to build up strength, this video is the right move for you. Not every cardio workout has to include running; pounding the pavement can take a toll if your muscles aren't prepared to support you. (See: The No-Running Cardio Workout You Can Do at Home)

Dana McCaw, a Los Angeles boot camp instructor, will take you through the moves. Her workouts focus on empowerment, diversity, and high-intensity interval training and specialized programs that can work for every body type and fitness level. Get ready to take your training up a notch.

What you need: No equipment required.

How it works: Warm up for two minutes. Perform 10 reps of three expercises: burpees, hip-ups, and skaters. Repeat the circuit three times.

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