This workout will build strength and stamina in muscles you didn't even know you had.

Yes, heavy weights and high-intensity workouts are great for building muscle and torching fat-but low-impact strength workouts deserve a place in your routine, too. (Don't believe it? Just take a look at what a week of perfectly balanced workouts actually looks like.)

For example, this 20-minute full-body workout from trainer Rachel Piskin, cofounder of ChaiseFitness, uses just your bodyweight and a resistance band (or 2-pound dumbbells, if you don't have a band), but it'll still have your muscles on fire. The ChaiseFitness method combines resistance training with ballet techniques to build long, lean muscles and teach strong posture. (Great news: If you love this workout, you can get more by trying out the studio's Chaise On Demand service, which lets you stream live and pre-recorded classes right at home.)

All you'll need is a medium-strength resistance band that's about 60 inches in length or a pair of 2-pound hand weights. A mat is optional but might provide more comfort depending on where you're working out. Just follow along with Piskin in this 20-minute full-body workout video to burn through plié squats and total-body balancing moves, then finish with core work on the floor. To make it harder, use a more difficult resistance band or heavier weights. To make it easier, ditch the band and weights and do the exercises with just your bodyweight.

Not satisfied with one round? Repeat the entire thing from the top, add some bonus barre exercises, or tack on a five-minute burnout round of abs moves at the end.