This low-impact workout is perfect for strengthening all the muscles used in labor and delivery.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing-so beautiful that the internet loves to fight about which workouts are and aren't safe for mom and baby. While hardcore CrossFitters totally have the go-ahead to keep working out, as long as they're feeling good and have their doctor's okay, the high-intensity prenatal workout life isn't for everyone.

That's where this gentle prenatal Pilates workout comes in. Certified pre- and postnatal fitness expert Jaime McFaden designed this 20-minute Pilates workout to be safe for mom and baby while strengthening muscles for labor and delivery.

How it works:Consult your doctor before starting a prenatal fitness regimen. Follow along with Jaime in the video, performing each move for about 1 minute each.

You'll need: A chair and mat are optional.

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