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The Ultra-Efficient Workout That Tones Your Core and Lifts Your Booty

Crunches, your days are numbered. The perfect routine for a flat and toned tummy is right here in this workout video, which will have you building stability in your midsection with wide planks, hip thrusters, and mountain climbers.

In this video, Grokker's Kelly Lee will help you tighten your abs, tone your booty, build shoulder strength, and burn major calories—the whole package. Kelly developed the skills she needed to manage her weight and now teaches others how to stay fit and healthy. (Looking for new ways to strengthen your core? Try this 31-Day Plank Challenge.)

Workout details: You'll perform each move for about 30 seconds. Repeat the workout a total of three times. You will need an exercise mat for this class.

Start with a warm-up for shoulder mobility, lean into cat and cow poses, and stretch with a back opener. For the workout, you'll begin in a wide plank with diagonal reaches, then do hip thrusters, side planks, side plank rotations, and mountain climbers. Balance it out with a prone cobra with W hold and a knee hover. Repeat the whole routine through a second time.

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