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This 30-Minute Yoga Workout Video Is Perfect If You Hate Chaturanga

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Sometimes Chaturanga just isn't gonna happen. Maybe your triceps are sore from yesterday's workout. Maybe you're a yoga beginner and haven't mastered the move yet, or maybe you just aren't feeling push-up friendly today. While you can always skip Chaturanga or modify, you can also try this 30-minute yoga workout video—with no Chaturangas to be found.

But don't let that fool you: This Vinyasa class is still plenty challenging. Yoga instructor Beth Stuart will guide you through a flow to open your chest and strengthen the muscles in your arms and shoulders. When you do come back to a practice involving Chaturanga, you'll feel stronger and be able to practice more safely. (These tips will help you master yoga push-ups, or Chaturanga, too.)

How it works: Follow along with Beth in the video to move through a 30-minute yoga flow without any Chaturangas.
You'll need: A yoga mat

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