The 4-Minute Tabata Workout That Burns Calories and Builds Strength

This at-home workout takes only four minutes and requires zero equipment.

Stuck at home with no time to workout? Ditch the excuses-this Tabata workout from trainer Kaisa Keranen (@KaisaFit) takes only four minutes and requires zero equipment, so you can do it anywhere, anytime. Tabata works by challenging you to go as hard as humanly possible for a short period-20 seconds-then giving you a quick rest. Combine that time formula with cardio/strength moves that recruit your whole body (and mind), and you've got the recipe for a perfect fast-and-furious workout. (In love? Try our 30-Day Tabata Challenge.)

How it works: Do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the circuit 2 to 4 times for a workout that'll get your heart racing and your muscles shaking.

You'll need: A workout mat if you're on a hard surface.

2 to 1 Lateral Jumps

A. Stand at one end of the mat, feet hip-width apart and parallel to the mat edge.

B. Swing arms and hop sideways onto the mat, landing on the front foot only, then hop in that direction again to land on both feet.

C. Switch direction, hopping from two feet to the front foot to two feet again. Continue hopping back and forth.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Single-Leg Dive Bomber

A. Start in a downward facing dog. Float right leg up into a three-legged dog, forming a straight line from head to toe.

B. Bend elbows to scoop body down and forward, skimming face, then chest, then belly button over the ground. Press up to upward facing dog, all while holding the right leg off the ground.

C. Shift back to downward facing dog with the right leg lifted.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds. Switch sides each round.

Lunge Switch to Hurdle Kick

A. Start in a lunge with the left leg forward.

B. Circle right leg forward and around to lower back into left lunge.

C. Then jump and switch to the right lunge, then jump and switch back to left lunge.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds. Switch sides each round.

Hamstring Stretch Plyo Push-Up

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hinge at the hips to place palms on the ground in front of feet.

B. Fall forward, landing softly in the bottom of a push-up position. Push off hands and lift hips to hop hands backward, halfway to feet.

C. Push off hands to return to start.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

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