Short on time, space, and equipment? This 5-minute burner is guaranteed to get you an entire gym's worth of a workout with just your body alone.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: April 26, 2018

Whether you're traveling, pinched for time, or just can't muster the energy to schlep to the gym, this excuse-proof workout is the one thing you need in your arsenal. At under five minutes but full of intensity, this Tabata workout designed by trainer Kaisa Keranen (@KaisaFit) will give you the quick burn and boost you need when you can't fit in a full-on workout.

All you need is your body, some space, and a mat (if you have one). Like a true Tabata-style workout, you perform each high-intensity move for 20 seconds, then rest for 10. Complete the full set of exercises two to four times, or until you just can't go anymore. (Want to really tire yourself out? Add a few rounds of another Kaisa Tabata routine.)

Forward Lunges with Reach Over

A. Step right foot forward into a lunge, twisting torso to the right, right arm by ear and left arm reaching to right toe.​

B. Step back to stand and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Rotation Planks with Toe Tap

A. Start in a high plank position. Lift left leg and extend to side, tapping toe with right hand.​

B. Return to start and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Lateral Jump Lunges

A. Start on the left side of mat in a lunge with left foot forward.​

B. Jump feet together while hopping to the right, so feet are in center of mat.​

C. Quickly jump to a lunge with right leg in front, landing on the right side of mat.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Push-Up Plank Jacks

A. Start in a high plank position. Jump legs out to wider than hip-width apart.​

B. Jump legs back in and jump arms out, and lower into a push-up.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.


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