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The 5-Minute Standing Yoga Flow for a Stronger Core

You might think of yoga as a restorative part of your fitness routine, but it can be a no-joke workout for your whole body—especially your core. That being said, you don't have to do endless boat poses and Chaturangas to get those ab-cinching benefits. These creative core moves from badass yogi Sadie Nardini will engage your legs (seriously, get ready for your inner thighs to burn), your arms, and, of course, every inch of your core.

Follow along with Sadie in the video or try it step-by-step below. Turn up the heat first thing in the morning by practicing these poses straight out of bed, or add them to your next yoga practice as a burnout sesh at the end. (Want more Sadie? Next up, try her one-move yoga detox shred.)

A. Step feet wider than hip-width apart and lower into temple pose. Toes are pointed out in the same direction as knees, and thighs are parallel to the ground.
B. Wave ribcage from side to side, shifting ribs over to one side then the other while maintaining temple pose. Wave arms out to the sides in sync with ribcage, extending them farther and farther each time.
C. Turn right toes to face front of mat, rest right forearm perpendicular to right thigh, and straighten left leg while stretching left arm overhead to enter triangle pose. Return to temple, then repeat on the opposite side.
D. Return to temple pose, hands on thighs. Inhale and open the chest into a variation of cat pose, arching back and looking to the ceiling. Exhale, pulling belly button in toward spine, engaging pelvic muscles and rounding the back to come to a variation of cow pose. To intensify the pose, add a "fierce lion breath" by relaxing the jaw and sticking the tongue out while exhaling.
E. Return to temple pose. Inhale and straighten legs, reaching arms overhead, palms facing in and fingertips reaching toward the ceiling. Exhale quickly and forcefully while engaging core and pulling hands down in fists at hips, lowering back down to temple pose.
F. Return to temple pose and shift weight to right leg, straightening left leg and sinking into a lunge. Shift weight to the left to form a lunge on the other side. Move back and forth between the two sides.


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