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The Advanced Pilates Workout That Takes Classic Moves to the Next Level

Practicing Pilates has benefits beyond flexibility (see: 7 Things You Didn't Know About Pilates), and this full-body, ab-blasting Pilates routine is the sweat session you need to lengthen and strengthen every muscle.

In this workout, Grokker expert and master Pilates instructor Elaine Hayes adds challenging tweaks to beginner and intermediate moves and incorporates cardio blasts and intense toning movements for the ultimate Pilates burn. You'll work your abs and entire body in just 30 minutes (and who doesn't have the time for that?).

Equipment Required: Exercise Mat

Workout Overview: You'll start off your ab work with hundreds, roll-ups, jackknives, rolling like a ball, and leg stretches. Flipping over into a plank, you'll modify up to mountain-climbers and spider movements, followed by pushups to keep your heart rate up. A bridge section is next, complete with single leg raises and circles to burn our your inner thighs as well as your abs and glutes. Try your hand at the teaser, followed by side kicks, and end with swimming and swan moves to balance everything out in your back.

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About your instructor: Elaine Hayes is a certified Pilates, Yoga, and Barre instructor, and the owner and founder of Mint Studios in Northern California.

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