Prepare to feel the burn.

Anna Victoria might be known for her self-love real-talk, but it's her killer Fit Body Guide workouts that have earned her 1.3 million Instagram followers from around the world. Her latest-a relaunch of her Body Love app with three new programs-features a 12-week bodyweight Shred program that requires zero equipment. (Check out a full Shred circuit workout from Anna Victoria right here.)

To give her followers a taste of the program, the fitness sensation just shared on her Instagram four simple leg moves from Week 1 of the Shred program that you can do anywhere. But just because this workout can be done from home doesn't mean it's easy. These movements specifically target your butt and thighs and will have you ready to post your own transformation selfie in no time!

Take a cue from Victoria's video (prepare for puppy cameos) and follow along the next time you're looking for a quick leg-sculpting sweat sesh. Repeat the circuit three times for maximum results.

Glute Bridge

Using a chair, form a bridge position with your shoulders resting on the edge of the seat, feet on the floor hip-width apart, and hips in line with knees (parallel to the floor). Lower your hips toward the floor, then press into feet to lift hips and return to start. Make sure you're bending at the hips and not arching your back to lower down. Do 20 reps. (P.S. Eventually you could progress by adding weight to this movement such as with a barbell hip thrust.)

Box Squat

Stand a few steps in front of your chair with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Hinge at the hips and knees to lower into a squat until your glutes tap the top of the chair. Without actually putting any weight onto the chair, press into feet to stand up and return to starting position. Do 20 reps.

Jumping Lunge

Start in a lunge position with one leg in front, and lower until both knees form 90-degree angles. Jump up and switch legs, landing softly with the other foot in front, and immediately lowering into a lunge. To modify, Victoria recommends starting in a lunge position and doing small jumps without switching legs. Do 10 reps per side.

Jump Turn

Squat with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, butt back, chest up, and hands clasped in front of chest. Jump, extending through your hips, knees, and ankles while turning 180 degrees in the air to land in a squat facing the opposite direction. Jump again, turning in the opposite direction to return to starting position. Do 5 reps in each direction.

"Notice in the jump turns how I jump turning to the left and also to the right," Victoria shared alongside the video. "It's really important to alternate jumping each way, because if you only jump to the left, you're teaching your body to strengthen the muscle only on one side of your body. While jumping and twisting to one side might feel a little awkward (for me it's turning to the right) it's important to do so, so you don't create an imbalance between both sides." (More: Check Out Anna Victoria's 20-Minute Circuit for a Toned Booty and Core)