The tough-as-nails trainer has totally one-upped herself.

By Faith Brar

Jillian Michaels may have earned her reputation as a tough-love trainer on The Biggest Loser, but she's been gracing TV screens, bookshelves, and magazine covers for more than a decade now. The 44-year-old has built quite the career by motivating and empowering people who want to lose weight-in a healthy, sustainable way-and an important way she does that is leading by example. (See what she thinks about your excuse to not work out.)

In a recent Instagram post, the fitness guru showcased just how hard she works to maintain her ripped physique. In a short video, Michaels demonstrated some seriously tough core moves that are bound to make you sweat just looking at them. "A little challenge circuit to start your week off on the right foot," she wrote alongside the post.

Using a set of kettlebells, Michaels walks her followers through L-sits with single-leg extensions, a daunting push-up variation with a hop-through and glute bridge, and plyo push-ups. She ends the circuit with foam roller ab pikes-proving that there's really nothing she can't do.

That being said, Michaels is perfectly aware that many people might not be ready to tackle such advanced moves. "If you need something a bit less intense check out the free daily 7 min workouts in the Jillian Michaels My Fitness App," she wrote. (Feeling inspired? Try Michaels' fat-melting bodyweight workout.)

If you catch her vibe and want a workout that's still effective but won't put you out of commission, try her 20-minute workout to boost power and strength. It just might help you get up to her level.

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