Lower body sculpting moves that'll leave you loving the burn.

By Grokker.com
Updated: September 09, 2016

Barre is a fun, dynamic, and low-impact workout, featuring upbeat sequences and elements of both Pilates and ballet. The yield? Incredible, sculpted results. These moves get into the deeper stabilizing muscles to give you a lean and tight physique. (See also: Barre Workout That Improves Your Balance)

Expert Grokker trainer Paola Di Lanzo is bringing you a low-impact barre workout that really targets those stubborn areas around the tops of your thighs and glutes. Expect to sweat and for your legs to feel the burn. (Related: The Best and Worst Barre Exercises)

Paola regularly trains celebrities and models, and with 25 years of experience, her routine is sure to torch calories top to bottom. Follow her in this Grokker Premium video and get ready to feel and see the benefits of her Signature Body Barre class. (Then, check out this At-Home Barre Workout that you can do anywhere.)

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