Barre is your best bet for that burn-so-good feeling.

April 11, 2017

Using only a chair and a pair of hand weights, this ballet-inspired barre workout will sculpt your lower body, abs, and arms, while boosting your flexibility and staying relatively low-impact. We know what you're thinking: if it's low-impact, how can it burn so badly? Blame it on isometric (static) training, where you hold your body in one position and contract a specific set of muscles to the point of fatigue. (Think: wall sits, planks, plié holds.) Not only do isometric moves put your muscles to the test, but they strengthen your tendons and ligaments and help with mobility too. The workout uses these isometric exercises and slow, controlled repetitions to torch your whole body without needing heavy weights or tons of equipment-so you can do it anywhere you want.

How it works: Follow the video to move through the two-minute minute warm-up. Complete the 20-minute workout, then two-minute cooldown.

You'll need: A chair. Light hand weights and an exercise mat are optional.

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