Minimal equipment and isolated movements can offer major results.

Updated: January 18, 2017

When you're looking for a new workout to kick things into gear again this season, barre can do it all. The small, pulsing movements can work everything from your butt to your biceps (check out this At-Home Barre Workout for Your Butt). This routine will isolate and strengthen your upper body with fast, fun, and effective barre class techniques. Grokker's Michelle Rahlves offers amazing results in this challenging workout focused on toning and keeping your body fit with moves designed to burn out those hard-to-reach muscles. Click play and get sweating! (For more, try these five barre moves to sculpt your arms.)

Workout details: Small hand weights are optional.


From a standing position, start with a side lunge with twist, an isometric push + elbow to knee press and alternating side lunge. Lie on the mat and perform leg and hip raises.


Start in plank position with your arms on the bar, wider than shoulder-width apart. Perform half push-ups, full push-ups, and push-ups with leg lifts on both sides. Move into Superman position with your stomach on the mat and alternate lifting your arms and legs. Switch to downward dog for a stretch. Move to a standing position for arms: biceps curls, bend and press, arm pulses, shimmies, small flies, and a back press up. Stretch out your triceps. End with back dancing, starting with a bridge and pulse, a tuck and press with your heels high, and finally leg squeezes. Cool down and stretch your back and hamstrings.

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