The Best Peloton Workouts, According to Reviewers

Whether you want an energizing cycling class or a full-body strength training sesh, these are the fan-favorite Peloton classes for any workout need. 

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There's nothing more frustrating than deciding to find a new series on Netflix, spending the next half hour mindlessly scrolling through the platform's overwhelmingly large library of content, and finally settling on a show that turns out to be so dull and hilariously awful that you just end up turning it off 10 minutes later. And when it comes to your workouts, you don't have all that time to waste endlessly scrolling — or worse, starting and then stopping a video after you realize your choice wasn't what you were hoping it would be.

Avoid all that foreplay and get straight to the action with these picks for the best Peloton workouts to stream or do live. Based on the reviews of die-hard Peloton fans on Reddit as well as members of the Shape editorial team, this guide highlights all the Peloton workouts you need to bookmark, from quick strength training sessions that will help you build a stronger butt to rides with playlists that will take you back in time. Just scroll down to the type of workout you're looking for, browse the reviews, and go get your sweat on.


30-Minute '80s Ride with Denis Morton

With its throwback '80s bops and 12-minute warm-up period to ease you into the ride, it's no surprise that this Peloton workout class has more than 14,500 positive ratings. The half-hour ride features 17 minutes of straight cycling, during which Morton recommends specific resistance settings and RPM. Still, the fan-favorite trainer encourages riders to "choose their own adventure" and crank up or turn down the intensity to match their needs, according to one Reddit user. "I also really liked the way he talked about body mechanics and how he bikes to the beat of the music — it all came together for me in a way it hadn't before on the bike," they wrote.

30-Minute Jess King Experience

If the name of this Peloton workout clues you in on anything, it's that this isn't your usual mindless cycling class. Throughout the half-hour ride, you'll pedal your way through different emotional themes, such as rage and pride, and "focus on community and making yourself your best friend," wrote one reviewer. "I highly recommend this ride for anyone who likes rides that really go with the music," they continued. That being said, if you're not a fan of King's vibe, you might be better off taking a different class, added the poster.

15-Minute '70s Ride with Hannah Corbin

When you need to cram in a workout during your lunch break while working from home, queue up Hannah Corbin's '70s-themed ride. In just 15 minutes, you'll get your heart rate up juuust enough to break a sweat, but you won't be drenched to the point where you definitely need to shower. Plus, the playlist is packed with ABBA songs that will put you in a feel-good mood for the rest of the day. On the other hand, you can even think of this class as a nightcap for your other Peloton workouts. "I add it onto the finish of so many of my workouts. It's not (quite) a cool-down but not quite a stand-alone ride," wrote one Reddit user. "I appreciate this nugget of joy to finish off my hard workouts," they added. (This 15-minute ABBA-themed ride will do the trick too — also hosted by Corbin.)


20-Minute Glutes and Legs Strength with Selena Samuela

Whether you're on a mission to achieve a peach-emoji booty or just want to work your entire lower body, look no further than this quick-hitting strength training class led by Samuela. The Peloton workout makes use of heavy and medium weights, so there's no way you'll escape without a bit of soreness — which is exactly why it's a personal favorite of Lauren Mazzo, Shape's web editor at the time of original publication. "A history of hamstring injuries from ~15 years of cheerleading means I can ALWAYS use some serious hammy strength work," says Mazzo. "This class is efficient and will absolutely kill your hamstrings, glutes, and quads in the best way. (If you're like me, prepare not to walk for a day or two after)," she adds.

And the benefits of this workout class keep coming: "I love the mix of creative moves, single- and double-leg focus, and the fact that you can use dumbbells or a single heavy kettlebell if that's all you have. (Or you could even do bodyweight only and still get a great workout)," explains Mazzo.

30-Minute OutKast Full-Body Strength with Adrian Williams

Millennial users, this '90s Peloton workout from Adrian Williams is for you — even if "Hey Ya!" is the only OutKast song in your internal jukebox. "I LOVED Adrian's 30 min OutKast Full Body Strength!" wrote one reviewer on Reddit. "The songs brought back so many memories, combined with Adrian's fun energy, making for such a memorable and enjoyable class," they added. Plus, the full-body strength training class will push your limits while still being doable, wrote the reviewer.

30-Minute Full-Body Strength: Live from Home with Jess Sims

With nearly 36,000 (!!) positive reviews, this full-body Peloton workout is sure to become a staple in your at-home fitness routine. The class utilizes light, medium, and heavy weights and features muscle-building dynamic exercises to keep your body moving and heart rate up. And with Sims leading the charge, expect to be pushed to your absolute limit. "I have never taken one of her strength classes and felt like I had something left in the tank or I wasn't pushed hard enough," says Shape editorial director Alyssa Sparacino. "Sims will never waste your time, and she's always reminding you of that when she lays out her programming for class — don't be surprised if she somehow squeezes in a warm-up, multiple circuits, an AMRAP, and an EMOM all in one 20- or 30-minute workout," she warns.

And a great workout isn't all that Sims has to offer. "Her energy and positivity (yet refreshing realism) are absolutely contagious. I've found myself reciting one of her mantras in my head during moments I need the reminder — 'you can do hard things' — and suddenly I feel so much stronger," notes Sparacino.


30-Minute Cultivate Courage Yoga Flow with Anna Greenberg

To finally nail one of the most complex yoga moves — the crow pose — tune into Anna Greenberg's Cultivate Courage Yoga Flow. In the first class of this five-part series, you'll start learning how to let go of your fears of failure and gather the nerve to try something new on the mat. And reviewers say this Peloton workout workshop actually works: "I finished up Anna's Cultivate Courage series this week," wrote one Reddit user. "I really enjoyed the series and I actually managed to find myself in crow pose by class three. Not a particularly beautiful or graceful crow, like Anna, but a crow nonetheless," they explained. And hey, a clumsy crow is better than none!

The Reddit user also pointed to the class structure and community encouragement as bonuses that made this flow even better. "I liked the gradual progression in the classes as far as time (I did my first 60-min. yoga class!) and skills. I also like hearing the user-submitted stories of courage," they wrote.

10-Minute Desk Yoga with Kristin McGee

Out of all the Peloton workouts, this 10-minute yoga class might just be the most accessible and beneficial in the smallest of ways, especially while WFH. The quick yoga flow will help loosen up your stiff joints from sitting at a desk (or dining room table) all day long — but you don't even need to unroll your mat to do it, which is just one reason why users can't get enough. "I have been ending my day with one [class from the "Yoga Anywhere" series] before walking out of my home office, and I find it's a nice transition from work life to home life," wrote a reviewer on Reddit. "It's basically a guided standing stretch, but they focus a lot on things that get tight when you work at a computer and you can do them no matter what type of clothes you are wearing," they explained.


30-Minute Ellie Goulding Run with Becs Gentry

Thanks to Ellie Goulding's upbeat electro-pop style and songs about blossoming relationships and confidence, this intermediate half-hour run will actually get you pumped up for the day ahead — rather than drain your energy levels. "This was a perfect run to set my day in the right direction, and the sun was hitting just right, which made me appreciate so many things in my life!" wrote one reviewer on Reddit. Just know that this Peloton workout class features just a four-minute, easygoing warm-up, so be mentally prepared to put in a lot of hardcore, sweaty strides.

30-Minute Y2K Fun Run with Olivia Amato

No tread? No problem. During this fun run, Amato will lead you through a four-minute warm-up and 25 minutes of intense running, featuring a few short intervals every now and again. Even though it's an audio-only Peloton workout, Amato is actually doing the run in the recording, making it feel almost like you're sprinting alongside your coach. And that's exactly why one Reddit user said it's their go-to for the times that they're in an "I'm stressed and want a hard workout to forget about it" mood.

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