This bodyweight movement flow will instill a sense of empowerment while working on your strength and balance.

By Mary Anderson
November 07, 2019

This movement sequence is built to uplift.

Trainer Bethany C. Meyers (founder of the be.come project, a champion of the LGBTQ community, and a leader in body neutrality) crafted the superhero series here to juxtapose balance challenges—it starts with a single-leg squat into a knee-up stand and includes a reverse lunge—with a purposeful power pose in between to leave you with a sense of confidence in your body. (Meyers also has some amazing things to say about defying the notion that being 'small' is somehow powerful.)

“You go from feeling imbalanced to feeling really strong,” says Meyers. “Try repeating the word 'proud' as you enter in and out of the balancing positions—it’s a powerful word that often helps correct form.”

The popular be.come project workouts are Pilates-meets-strength training, and this sample likewise does a lot of work for the core and legs—especially where the glute meets the hamstring. The single-leg squat will super sculpt this area if your form is on point: “Worry less about getting low, and instead focus on getting your knee aligned with the ankle,” they say. After four minutes of this superhero series, you may find yourself walking away a little taller. “Just inhabiting a strong posture can lift your mindset,” says Meyers. (Read all about Meyers' non-binary journey here.)

 Watch the video above to see Meyers lead you through the exercise. Then turn on your favorite workout song, and move.

“This series reflects the challenges we experience in our daily lives,” says Meyers. Ace these balance modalities in the morning, and you’ll be mentally ready to seize the day.

Be.come Project Superhero Series

A. Start standing on the right foot toward the front of a mat. Balance on left toes right next to right foot, and hinge hips back, bending both knees and coming into a quarter squat with weight in the right leg.

B. Stand up onto the right foot, lifting arms overhead and lifting left knee to hip height.

C. Place left foot on the floor to stand with feet wider than shouter-width apart, hands on hips. Lower into a squat, reaching arms forward. Stand, shifting weight into the right foot, tapping left toes next to right in a quarter squat (like the starting position), and reach arms out to a T.

D. Carefully step the left foot back into a reverse lunge with the left leg straight but not bent. Keep torso hinged about 45-degrees forward with arms reaching back toward left foot. Sweep arms forward and up, biceps next to ears, then circle them back to reach toward left foot.

E. Step the left foot forward to return to start, clasping hands in front of chest.

Repeat for 2 minutes on the right leg. Switch sides; repeat.