Master these functional exercises and you'll be able to break a sweat anywhere and everywhere.


Bodyweight workouts are the easiest, cheapest way to boost both your cardio and strength. Perform the functional movements that your body does naturally, and reap the benefits in your other workouts, as well as in everyday life. There are the usual heart-pumping burpees, plank jacks, and bicycle crunches. But the best bodyweight routines change things up by adding moves you haven't tried. Commit to a new workout regimen and watch your body transform. (This 30-Day Bodyweight Challenge will change everything.)

The workout below will help you build muscle and work your entire core in under 20 minutes. (Want more core action with no strings attached? Try this sculpting core workout that's even more intense.) When you're ready to sweat, press play and get started.

Workout details: Perform each move for 30 seconds. There's no equipment needed, so you can get straight into the warm-up. Get your blood flowing with jumping jacks, T-spine stretch, cat/cow, and arm circles. Start the first section: side-to-side hops, butt kicks, side lunge to tap, jump rope, single-leg side-hops, and repeat the sequence. The second section: standing toes touches, wide inchworm, step-out plank jacks, diagonal toe taps, bicycle crunches, and repeat. End with the third sequence to seal in the burn: shoulder stand to toe tap, modified burpees, run in place, reverse lunges, and knee plank rolls (and repeat).

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