This yoga workout video is not for the faint of heart, but its abs exercises will leave you with a rock-solid center.

By now you know that the world of abs exercises and core work is so much bigger than #basic crunches. (But for the record, when done properly, crunches do have their rightful place in your workout.) No one knows this better than yogis, who constantly use their core to stabilize their body for inversions and holds that require super-strong abs.

So, it's no wonder this yoga flow will work every millimeter of your core-front, back, sides, and all the way around-for a core that will keep you pin-straight during headstands (and look pretty damn good in a crop top, too).

How it works: You'll do the whole sequence through leading with the right side, then repeat the sequence, leading with the left. That's one round. Repeat for 3 rounds total.


Begin in plank pose with hands directly under shoulders, head and neck long, and balls of the feet on the ground.

Superhero Plank

Bring right hand forward, and then left hand forward, so that arms are stretched out forward, maintaining a straight line through the rest of the body.


Return to plank by reversing the move, bringing left hand back under shoulder, then right.

Knee-to-Elbow Tap

Holding plank pose, bring right knee in toward right elbow, return to floor, then bring left knee in toward elbow and return.

Forearm Plank

Drop down into forearm plank, by bringing right forearm to floor, then left.

Knee-to-Elbow Tap

From forearm plank, bring right knee in toward right elbow, return to floor, then bring left knee in toward left elbow.

Hip Dips

Remaining in forearm plank, with core tight, twist hips to right, then smoothly move back through center and dip hips to left. Repeat this (right, center, left) twice more.


Push through forearm and back onto right hand, then left, returning to plank position.