This quick but effective workout means you can get in a full-body routine in less than 20 minutes.

Think about all the professional athletes you admire. What makes them so great besides their tenacity and dedication to their sport? Their strategic training! Agility drills, lateral and rotational movements, strength and power building, and an emphasis on core stability and balance are all part of what makes athletes agile, fast, and overall athletic.

You don't have to be a pro athlete with a Nike contract to train like one, and doing so will level up your own skills whether you're a runner aiming for your next PR, a CrossFitter looking to beast through your next WOD, or a Weekend Warrior who really just wants to effectively exercise injury-free. (Related: The 20-Minute Jillian Michaels Workout to Boost Power and Strength)

Trainer Hannah Davis, founder of Body By Hannah, knows how to train everyday athletes and designed this workout around her signature Body.Fit method. This circuit will transform you into a powerhouse athlete-even if D1 sports were never a part of your life. Each move is created with agility, power, strength, or balance in mind, and together they build both well-rounded athleticism and functional skills for everyday life. (P.S. Check out Davis' favorite kettlebell exercises to get the strong butt of your dreams.)

How it works: Perform each exercise for 1 minute each, resting for 30 seconds between each movement. Perform 3 rounds total.

What you'll need: A set of moderate weight dumbbells

For Agility: Figure 8 Quick Step

A. Place dumbbells on ground roughly 2 feet apart, one in front and slightly to right of the other so they are placed diagonally apart.

B. Beginning in front of the top dumbbell, shuffle feet around top of weight and through center of space between dumbbells, coming around the left side of the bottom weight, looping under it, through empty space, and back up around the top dumbbell. You'll create a figure-8 pattern with your feet.

For Power: Bound with Hip Thrust

A. Stand with feet wide and holding ends of one dumbbell in either hand at chest height. Push through heels and jump forward, landing softly.

B. Drop hands, still holding dumbbell to floor directly over shoulders, and jump feet back into plank position.

C. Quickly hop back in with feet landing outside of hands. Stand up, and shuffle backward to come to starting position.

For Strength: Dumbbell Snatch to Windmill

A. From standing, holding one dumbbell in right hand, bend into squat, bringing dumbbell between legs hovered just above floor.

B. Quickly stand, thrusting dumbbell up overhead.

C. With straight arm still holding dumbbell up, twist torso, squat down, and bring free hand down behind legs. Slowly come back to standing and return dumbbell to starting position.

For Balance: Lateral Hop-Chop

A. Stand, holding ends of one dumbbell in either hand at midline. Hop laterally to right, lifting bent left leg and twisting torso to right.

B. Hop laterally to left, lifting bent right leg and twisting torso to left. Repeat.