No need to choose between pool time and workout time.

By By Renee Cherry
July 27, 2017

Who knew that pool floaties have a use beyond, you know, floating (and featuring in Instagram pics)? This genius partner workout from Jill Penfold and The Pretty Little Lifters uses pool floats as exercise equipment in the most brilliant way possible. It's the perfect routine for when you want to have fun at the pool without being too lazy. (Here's how to maximize a pool workout.)

How it works: You and your partner will switch off between land- and pool-based exercises. The land-based partner continues performing their move until the partner in the pool finishes all their reps, then you switch.

You'll need:Two floaties, two towels, and a water bottle.

Now grab a buddy, hit the pool, and work through five rounds of each of these three moves.

Round 1

Land Exercise: Set two towels on either side of a pool floaty and stand on the towel on the right. Perform a burpee, jump to the inside of the floaty, then jump to the towel on the left and perform a burpee. Jump to the inside of the floaty and to the towel on the right to return to starting position.

Pool Exercise: Swim a lap up and back across the pool, pushing the floaty in front of you like it's a kickboard.

Round 2

Land Exercise: Sit on a towel with legs outstretched and a water bottle placed to the right of legs at the front of the towel. Lift legs above water bottle and to right side, then above water bottle to left side, keeping legs off the ground.

Pool Exercise: Stand in the pool with hands resting on ledge. Press weight into hands to straighten arms, lifting feet off the ground. Bend arms and lower back into pool to return to starting position. Do 15 reps.

Round 3

Land Exercise: Squat, bringing hands to the ground between legs. Jump, shooting arms and legs out, creating a star shape with body.

Pool Exercise: Swim one lap up and back across the pool.

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