It doesn't look like the dance cardio trend is going anywhere soon, so move to the beat and get your heart pumping with one of these YouTube fitness videos.

By By Renee Cherry

Dance cardio sometimes carries a bad rep, but it can be a kickass workout that gives you that wonderful post-workout endorphin rush plus a surge of sexy confidence. (There's nothing like some hair whips and body rolls to get you feelin' yourself.) Learning choreography gets your mental muscles firing too, meaning you can totally count this as a #selfcare way to take care of your body and mind. Nervous to bust a move in public? Too lazy to leave the house? These free online dance workout videos are the perfect at-home option.

Dance Cardio

Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) always shows a lot of enthusiasm in his videos, so it's easy to stay motivated. The song choice on this one is spot-on.

Beginner Dance Workout

Jessica Bass' dance videos are easy to follow with a lot of repetition, so they're great for beginners.

Ed Sheeran Choreography

This choreography is a little more on the complex side, but not impossible. Bonus: A cute dog lingers in the background.

Zumba Routine

Everyone in this Zumba video appears to be having a blast, so this routine will probably boost your mood, too. (Also, here are four reasons not to dismiss dance cardio as your workout.)

Butt-Lifting Dance Workout

This Afro-Carribean dance workout targets the booty and legs. Instead of being a single-song workout, this one lasts 20 minutes and includes a warm-up.

Legs, Butt, and Abs

This sassy dance will make you feel like a backup dancer (same with this dance cardio workout). Expect a lot of body rolls and hip shaking.

Dancing Abs Workout

No need for sit-ups. You'll feel this 10-minute dance workout in your abs and obliques. (Here's how to dance your way to flat abs.)

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