Sick of lying on a mat? Get a better abs workout—and burn extra cals—by staying on your feet.

June 07, 2017

Want a flat stomach? The secret definitely isn't in doing a zillion crunches. (Really, they're not that great of an abs exercise anyways.)

Instead, stay on your feet for an even more intense ab burn, that hits the rest of your body too. Trainer Sarah Kusch leads this 45-minute routine to target your entire core; however, unlike a typical core workout where the exercises are performed on your back, nearly all of these exercises are performed on your feet, providing a unique and challenging workout that will burn way more calories as a result.

You'll need: a light set of dumbbells and a heavy set of dumbbells. (All of the exercises can be performed without weights if you're a beginner or don't have any dumbbells.)

How it works: you'll do three rounds of progressively more intense cardio abs exercises.

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