Love to lift? Your body is basically begging for these asanas.

By Lauren Mazzo
February 11, 2018

There's nothing quite like lifting weights. It may not give you the same high as a 5-mile run, but when it comes to building strength, feeling empowered, and transforming your body, there's nothing quite like lifting. (And, bam: There are more benefits of lifting weights.)

That said, if you only lift and don't work on mobility, you're bound to get tight AF.

A simple solution? Add a little yoga to your life. Sarah Levey, founder of popular NYC-based Y7 Studio, designed this quickie yoga-for-weightlifters flow so it's easy to do anywhere (at home, right in front of the squat rack, between dumbbell racks) and will help release some of those muscles you put to work every day.

Watch the video to see Levey demo the flow, and follow along below for a cheat sheet. (Also check out this signature hot Vinyasa flow from Y7.)

How it works: Hold each pose for 3 breaths before flowing to the next. Then repeat the sequence on the other side. Next, speed up your flow to 1 breath, 1 movement.

Yoga Flow for Weightlifters

Child's Pose

A. Kneel with knees slightly apart and crawl hands forward. Reaching arms long and in front of you, allow forehead to rest on the ground.

Downward Dog

A. From child's pose, come onto all fours. Tuck toes and lift hips high, reaching sitz bones toward the ceiling. Reach heels back toward the mat. Drop head so neck is long.

High Lunge

A. From downward dog, lift right leg to the ceiling and step right foot between hands to a low lunge. Keep left heel lifted with left leg straight, but not locked.

B. Transfer weight into feet and reach arms up toward the ceiling, biceps next to ears. Keep right knee bent at a 90-degree angle, making sure the knee doesn't move forward beyond the ankle.


A. From high lunge, straighten front right leg and lower left heel to the floor, shortening stance if needed. Fold torso forward over the right leg, tenting fingertips on the floor on either side of the leg.

B. Make sure toes of both feet are pointing forward and hips are square.

Standing Split

A. From pyramid pose, shift weight forward to balance on the right foot and fingertips, kicking left leg as high as possible.

B. Keep hips square and point left toes toward the floor.

Warrior III

A. From standing split, lower leg and lift torso up until both are parallel to the floor. Lift fingertips off the floor and come into prayer position in front of chest.

B. Keep hips square and point left toes toward the floor.

Chair Pose

A. From warrior III, slowly lower right foot next to left. Sweep arms overhead, biceps by ears, and bend knees to lower into chair pose.

B. Sit hips backward, make sure knees don't move forward past toes, and keep chest lifted.

Forward Fold

A. Straighten legs and fold torso forward over legs, releasing crown of head toward the floor.

B. Place palms flat on the floor in front of feet and step feet back to return to downward dog. Repeat on the opposite side.


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