Tone your arms and strengthen your shoulders and core with these 15 moves guaranteed to get your heart rate up

August 10, 2016

Just because summer is winding down doesn't mean you need to neglect your upper body work. Sure, the cozy sweaters are starting to make their way towards the front of your closet, but remember there are other benefits to a strong, sexy upper body aside from looking good in a tank top. Three great ones:

  1. Better posture. A strong back and shoulders helps you stand a bit taller and prevent back pain.
  2. Speed and stability. Agility is a result of a strong upper body along with maximizing the benefits of your lower body exercises.
  3. Stronger abs. Many upper body exercises require a tight core for proper form, so working your upper body will actually enhance your abs.

Grokker's Jaime McFaden is standing by to help you work those biceps, triceps and shoulders. In under 30 minutes using only your body weight, Jaime will guide you through maintaining and building that lean, sexy, and strong upper body.

Workout details - Each move is done for 30 seconds and the circuit is repeated twice.

Warm up with arm circles, toe taps and jumping jacks. Then take off with punches, inchworm pushups and burn out your core too with plank reaches, side planks and reverse plank. Pump up the cardio with bear crawls, then crab walks and some Russian twists. Finish it strong with wide pushups. mountain climbers, "jump rope" with arm circles and Warrior 3 pose.

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