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The Fast and Furious Cardio Workout That Spikes Your Metabolism

If finding a workout that fits both your schedule and fitness goals is tough, then we've got the perfect solution for you: tone your entire body in this killer 20-minute body weight workout.

Split up into three short segments, this workout focuses on the core, lower and upper body; all designed for you to work up a great sweat. All you need is your body (check!) and some dedication to dominate this routine and take on the rest of the day like a boss.

In this workout, new Grokker expert and winner of the GrokStar contest, Keith Johnson will show you how easy it is to fit a workout in anywhere, at any time, with no excuses. Keith is a proponent of bodyweight-only workouts that are not only time-efficient but also effective! Get ready to kill it with Keith during this full body, metabolism booster.

Workout Details:

You don't need any special equipment for this workout. An exercise mat is optional.

Workout details: This workout is split into 3 sections: Lower body, upper body, then core. Each move is performed for about 20 seconds.

Dynamic warm up

Lower body: Jump lunge or reverse lunge, long jumps, sumo squats, single-leg deadlift and single-leg run hops
Upper body: Grasshopper pushups, plank press backs, triceps extensions, jabs, and triceps pushups

Core: Shoulder stand to hamstring stretch, double crunches, side plank toe touches, and lever planks

Cool down

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