For those jet-lagged mornings when you just don't want to be vertical yet.

By Lauren Mazzo
June 08, 2017

For even the most devoted fitness humans out there, getting a workout in while traveling can be tough. Lame hotel room gyms, jet lag, and busy schedules can zap the little bit of motivation you still have after hours of sitting in cars, planes, and trains. Luckily, trainer Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit) has created the perfect hotel room workout for when you're exhausted from travel and short on time and equipment.

This hotel room workout can be done before you've even officially gotten out of bed for the day, and won't make you late for your next flight. (Because it's a Tabata workout, you can bang it out in four minutes flat.) Want to add some extra weight? Grab your suitcase and try this hotel room suitcase workout next.

How it works: Do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of each move, then rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next. Because this is such a short workout, you should be going full-out during every interval.

Kneeling Jump

A. Kneel on the bed with hips lifted and knees slightly wider than hip-width apart.

B. Swing arms forward and push off feet and shins to jump off the bed, landing on feet in a low squat.

C. Immediately hop back to knees to begin the next rep.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Hollow Hold Pillow Toss

A. Lie faceup on the floor with arms and legs outstretched, holding a pillow. Lift feet, arms, and shoulder blades off the bed to start in a hollow-body hold position.

B. Lift arms and legs toward center and toss pillow from hands to feet. Catch the pillow between both feet and lower arms and legs back to starting position.

C. Lift arms and legs toward center, tossing pillow from feet to hands to return to starting position.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Lunge Switches

A. Start in a right leg lunge, front thigh parallel to the floor and both knees bent at 90-degree angles.

B. Jump and switch, landing in a left leg lunge. Immediately jump and switch to land in a right leg lunge.

C. Continue, quickly alternating.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

Modified Handstand Push-Up

A. Kneel on the edge of the bed. Slowly bend over to place hands on the floor, and walk them out until legs are straight and hips and shoulders are over wrists, forming an upside-down "L" shape with body. Widen hands slightly to start.

B. Bend elbows out to the sides to lower shoulders down as far as possible, trying to touch the top of the head to the floor.

C. Press away from the floor to return to starting position.

Do AMRAP for 20 seconds; rest for 10 seconds.

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