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Follow Along with This Pilates Workout for Your Abs

Pilates is an amazing workout all around—especially for your core—and this class turns up the ab focus tenfold. Tone your entire midsection through a series of classic moves that will have your muscles shaking in the best way possible. (Looking for more ways to turn up the burn? Try a pilates barre workout or a fat-blasting HIIT workout.)

Trainer Amy Perrera believes Pilates provides a strong foundation for both strength and overall well-being. Having suffered an injury from a rock climbing accident twenty years ago, her workouts are geared toward strengthening and repairing the body from head to toe. So get a good stretch in and try out her rountine below.

Workout details: You will need a yoga block for this class. If you don't have a block, use a book or towel. Each of the moves (flutter kicks, leg lifts, bridges, and pass-betweens) are performed from 30 seconds to one minute. Remember to keep pulling your belly button towards your spine on each move to maximize the ab activation.

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