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10 YouTube Yoga Videos for Whatever Flow You Need Right Now

Yoga to Get Over a Breakup

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Instead of scrolling through your ex's Instagram for the hundredth time, move through this 30-minute Vinyasa flow to heal your heart, courtesy of Fightmaster Yoga. This Youtube yoga flow can help you face your feelings head on.

Photo: Instagram/@fightmasteryoga

Yoga to Fight Colds and the Flu

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Brett Larkin's half-hour sequence for sickness and stress helps clear your sinuses. You'll be glad you got out of bed for this one.

Photo: Instagram/@larkinyogatv

Yoga to Relieve PMS and Cramps

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Don't let period discomfort put a damper on your workouts for up to a week every month—that's a lot of missed goal-crushing opportunity. Heidi Kristoffer, one of Shape's favorite yogis, demos the poses you need to ease pain and fatigue caused by your period, so you can feel normal again and get back in the gym ASAP.

Photo: Instagram/@heidikristoffer

Yoga to Calm Anxiety

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PsycheTruth's 30-minute therapeutic yoga workout with Renee Rodgers, B.S.N., R.N., can help ease anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep issues. It's an easy way to check in with your body, mentally and physically.

Photo: Instagram/@boulderyogaclinic

Yoga to Improve Digestion

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Stomach issues may have you feeling gross, but Rashmi Ramesh's yoga for good digestion video will connect your breathing to the rest of your body to enhance overall digestive health. (Kristoffer also shares some of her favorite poses to relieve bloating and cure tummy troubles.)

Photo: YouTube

Yoga to Release Negative Energy

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Yoga with Adriene's "let it go" flow is the perfect way to shake off whatever is bugging you.

Photo: Instagram/@adrienelouise

Yoga to Boost Self-Love

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Here's a quick five-minute self-love yoga flow from Kristoffer for those times when you're not feeling your best and need some mind- and limb-opening self-care. (P.S. If you haven't prioritized yourself yet, here are 20 different ways you can practice self-care this year.)

Photo: Instagram/@heidikristoffer

Yoga to Combat Migraines

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Migraines can suck the life out of your otherwise peaceful day. Yoga with Kassandra's 15-minute yoga class can help release tension with neck and shoulder stretches.

Photo: Instagram/@yoga_with_kassandra

Yoga to Wake You Up

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For those mornings (and afternoons) when your eyelids can't seem to stop drooping, try this energizing flow from Boho Beautiful. The practice includes a sequence of deep side-body stretches for an amazing awakening effect. (You can also try these eight wake-up moves anyone can do in the morning.)

Photo: Instagram/@bohobeautifullife

Yoga to Squash Fear and Doubt

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Yoga with Adriene's "no fear" yoga flow has a major mental recovery component. She asks you to embrace life's most difficult challenges while finding balance within your body. You'll end the session feeling revitalized with a new, more optimistic outlook on life.

Photo: Instagram/@adrienelouise


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