This 5-Move Full-Body Dumbbell Workout By Kelsey Wells Will Leave You Shaking

This quick and efficient 15-minute session will give you a taste of the trainer's PWR At Home 4.0 program, the most recent update to her original at-home lifting series.

SWEAT trainer and global fitness powerhouse, Kelsey Wells just launched the latest iteration of her uber-popular PWR At Home program. PWR At Home 4.0 (available exclusively on the SWEAT app) will add six more weeks of programming to the current 40-week program, providing women with a greater variety of workout content to help them build upon their strength.

"I love nothing more than creating these programs to help women empower themselves and achieve their goals," Wells tells Shape. "I wanted to provide women with fresh new workouts to help them stay motivated to be active, move their bodies, and care for their health from the comfort of their own home."

All PWR At Home workouts, including those in the latest update, are around 40 minutes and focus on strength training that targets different muscle groups on different days. For most of the workouts, you'll need at least one dumbbell, a kettlebell, and some resistance bands. (

For those who are short on time, the program's PWR Challenges offer you 10- to 20-minute workouts that are both quick and effective. What's more, they usually require little to no equipment. (

Regardless of which workout you choose, the goal of the at-home program is to burn fat, build strength, and improve your overall fitness level. Cardio (both low-intensity and high-intensity) and recovery sessions are also built into your workout schedule, along with warm-ups and cool-downs before and after each workout. (Did you know that SWEAT also just added a new Pilates program?)

As for what sets PWR At Home 4.0 apart? "The latest six weeks of workouts added to PWR at Home provide women who already exercise regularly and have been training for some time the opportunity to continue to level up their training from home," says Wells. "This program has been developed with intention and is anchored in exercise science to help women maximize their time and effort spent training."

While all 46 weeks of the PWR At Home program are suitable for all fitness levels, Wells stresses the importance of starting small and building your way up. "When training with weights, it's so important to focus on completing each movement and repetition with correct exercise form to help reduce your risk of injury, allow you to get the most out of the workout, and reap the physical benefits of weight training," she explains. "It's always best to start with a light weight — whatever feels comfortable yet challenging for you — and gradually build up over time as you become stronger and more confident training with weights. It's not about how much you're lifting; it's about lifting with proper form." (

To give you a taste of what PWR At Home 4.0 has to offer, test out this exclusive full-body dumbbell workout designed by Wells. "For the days when you're short on time, this quick 15-minute workout aims to help you strive toward your strength and fitness goals and hits all the right muscles for a quick full-body session," says Wells. "This workout targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals, quads, glutes, and hamstrings." (

Keep in mind that this workout doesn't include specific warm-up and cool-down moves. Instead, Wells recommends doing three to five minutes of cardio (think: jumping jacks or jumping rope) to help increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles ahead of your workout. She also suggests following up the cardio with some dynamic stretches, such as leg swings, arm swings, and torso twists. "This can help to increase your range of motion by preparing your muscles to move smoothly throughout their full range of motion during the workout," she says.

As for the cool-down, Wells recommends taking a three-to-five-minute walk to bring your heart rate down. You might also want to complete some static stretches, where you hold a muscle in a stretched position for about 10 to 30 seconds. "Static stretching works to increase your flexibility and range of motion," explains Wells. "It can also help to activate your rest and recovery system to help ensure you're feeling rested and ready for your next workout."

Kelsey Wells PWR At Home 4.0 Express Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

How it works: Perform each of the five exercises back-to-back for the time allotted. Complete three rounds total with a one-minute rest between each round. Focus on maintaining good form throughout the routine and utilize your body's full range of motion.

What you'll need: Open space, a workout mat, and a set of dumbbells.

Single-Arm Clean and Press

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart and the dumbbell on the ground between feet.

B. Keeping back flat and neck neutral, push hips back to lower down and grab the dumbbell with one hand.

C. Keeping core engaged, press through heels and thrust hips forward to lift torso and pull the dumbbell up off the ground, driving elbow up and then tucking it in towards ribs to catch dumbbell in a front rack position in front of shoulder.

D. Lower into a shallow squat, then explode upward while simultaneously pressing the dumbbell overhead, keeping hand directly over shoulder and bicep next to ear. Keep core engaged and knees softly bent.

E. Pause, then slowly lower the dumbbell down to shoulder, then to the ground between feet to return to start.

Repeat for 60 seconds (30 seconds per side).

Chest Press to Skull Crusher

A. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie face-up on the exercise mat with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

B. Extend arms above chest with palms facing each other. Engage glutes and pull rib cage down to prevent arching the low back.

C. Tucking elbows in and pressing shoulders down, slowly bend elbows to lower the dumbbells about an inch above the forehead on either side of the head. Avoid moving upper arms and anchor shoulders down to engage the lats, isolating the triceps as the weights lower.

D. With control, straighten elbows to lift dumbbells back up, then lower back down to chest to return to start.

Repeat the sequence for 45 seconds.

Weighted Flutter Kicks

A. Lie face-up on the floor with legs and arms extended, holding one dumbbell above chest using both hands, palms facing each other. Engage core by drawing belly button in towards the spine.

B. Keeping legs straight and arms extended, lift right leg while left leg hovers slightly above the ground so that legs form an L shape.

C. Pause, then simultaneously lower right leg and raise left leg, keeping arms extended the whole time and ensuring neither leg ever touches the ground. Continue alternating between right and left legs to create a "scissor-like" motion.

Repeat for 45 seconds.

Renegade Row

A. Begin in a high plank position with hands on dumbbells, feet in a wide stance. Squeeze quads, glutes, and abs.

B. Row one arm up to rib cage (squeezing behind shoulder blade). Return to floor and row on the other side. Keep alternating.

Repeat for 45 seconds.

Weighted Burpee

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand with arms at your sides.

B. Push hips back, bend knees, and lower into a squat, placing dumbbells in front of, and just inside, feet.

C. Keeping hands on the dumbbells, jump feet back to softly land on the balls of feet in a plank position. Body should form a straight line from head to heels.

D. Jump feet forward so that they land just outside of the dumbbells.

E. Push through heels to extend legs and stand up. Bend elbows and bring both dumbbells to chest as you come to stand.

F. Once in a standing position, push through heels and extend both dumbbells in an overhead press, palms facing forward. Pause at the top, then gently lower dumbbells and bring arms to your sides to return to starting position.

Repeat the sequence for 45 seconds.

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