Cleveland trainer Phillip Weeden teaches step aerobics like you've never seen it before

By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan

Listen. I love to ring the alarm. And of course I've been thinking about my own formation since the Superbowl (how could I not be, after witnessing this?. So you shouldn't be surprised to find out that I'm kind of obsessed with doing any kind of workout to Beyoncé tunes. I've taken Beyoncé yoga, I've taken Beyoncé dance classes... But now, one man is bringing an old-school, 1980s workout-step aerobics-into this millenium with Queen Bey's tunes (plus music from tons of other hip hop artists) playing in the background. Can you already tell I'm jealous?

Philip Weeden, a certified personal trainer with his own gym, Naturally Gifted Fitness Center in Cleveland, has gone viral thanks to his ass-busting (but totally awesome) XTreme Hip Hop class, which he shares clips of on his personal Instagram and YouTube. Perhaps it's Beyoncé's heightened (enlightened?) position in pop culture that made his class go viral; it's possible that the cultural obsession with the 1980s-I mean, there are so many high-end, Spandex bodysuits and leg warmers to be found these days-drove its circulation 'round the old World Wide Web too. Regardless, they're amazing, intensely choreographed aerobic routines, and Weeden also makes sure there are modifications and moves for everyone at all different skill levels. I love both of those things about his workouts.

The "XTtreme" videos include, yes, an epic routine to "Formation," but also routines to other recent hits like the "Whip Nae/Nae" and some old-school rap classics too. While Weeden's class is offered six times a week in Cleveland and he's recently brought the amazingness to Sacramento, I can't help but wonder if him or his methods will make it to NYC soon. A girl can hope, at least. (In the meantime, check out 5 Dance Classes That Double as Cardio Workouts.)

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