Tweak your usual workout and make it fly by with this dance routine


What better way to break a sweat and strengthen your entire body than learning some great dance moves? When you're bored with going through the motions of your usual workout, hip-hop cardio is the perfect way to change things up. (Check out these four reasons not to dismiss dance cardio.)

In this video from the Tone & Trim series, Jaime McFaden teaches you moves to work your quads, glutes, and core in a dance routine that will strengthen your body and coordination. You'll work every angle with jumping jacks and squats all modified and set to the beat of a great track list. (Want more? Try a cardio dance workout from 305 Fitness or dance your way to flat abs with these moves.)

The Workout

Warm up with side-to-side reaches, arm rolls, hamstring curls, jumping jacks, and hip rolls to get loosened up. Your moves will include flying bird, jogging forward and back, jumping jacks, squats with reaches, hip circle and pop, the butterfly, and hip-hop jacks. Cool it down by hugging it out, triceps stretches, and hamstring curls.

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