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"Girl with No Job" and "Boy with No Job" Meet the SLT Megaformer

Even when you send a regular fitness person to their first Lagree class (it's similar to a Pilates reformer class but really gets your heart rate up), interesting things happen. For one, the machine looks like a medieval torture device. Second, it can make literally anyone look uncoordinated. Now, imagine what happens when you send ridiculous Instagram sensations @GirlWithNoJob (aka Claudia Oshry) and @BoyWithNoJob (Ben Soffer) to one. No doubt, shenanigans will occur.

In our latest video series, called Funemployed, we've been sending this duo to the wackiest, trendiest workout classes just to see what might happen. First, we sent them for a face workout (yeah, it's a thing), then a trampoline class. This time, things got serious; we sent them to SLT (which stands for "Salami, Lettuce, and Tomato," according to Ben). In real life, it's a class called Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone and is the result of cardio, strength training, and Pilates having a baby—all on a fancy (and intimidating) machine called a megaformer.

Their reaction, in a nutshell, included impromptu pedicures, Transformers movie mentions, inappropriate song lyrics, choreographed belly flops, and Claudia deciding that she's going to teach the class. You'll have to watch to judge for yourself, but we think this might just be their funniest appearance yet.

And if you think what they're doing actually looks kinda fun? Get yourself in a class. After all, there are some pretty great benefits to Pilates workouts, and you can even do it at home with a small ball and a resistance band (no reformer required).

Think it looks terrifying? That's fine—just sit back and relax on your couch and watch these two give it a whirl. After all, that's probably what they would do.


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