Get the shake and burn going in just 20 minutes.

October 25, 2016

Thinking of phoning it in for your daily workout? Don't head to the couch just yet. This routine will get your kicks (and lunges) in-all you need is 20 minutes to spare. Barre moves can help your balance, slim and strengthen your thighs, and tone your abs with small, controlled movements. Using only a chair and light hand weights, this barre workout is designed to tone and sculpt your entire body.

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Equipment Required: Light dumbbells, a resistance band, a chair and an exercise mat.

Start with a dynamic warm for a few minutes, then begin the 20-minute workout routine below followed by a short cool-down.

  • Circuit One: Start with pelvic tilts and alternating twisting crunches on the floor.
  • Circuit Two: Change up to sumo flys, sumo lunge variations and sumo overhead punches with small hand weights.
  • Circuit Three: Amp things up with curtsy rotating punches, bent-over flys, running arms with lunge touches, and lunge kickbacks with small hand weights.
  • Circuit Four: Top it all off with resistance band side leg extensions.

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