The crucial tips you need to really ~fly away~.

By Lauren Mazzo
January 02, 2017

Crow pose is one of those things-like putting on liquid eyeliner or walking and texting at the same time-that looks easy, but definitely isn't. If your balance is a little off, you're either not getting off the ground or you're teetering forward into a not-so-graceful face-plant.

Yeah, this is making crow sound super not fun-but, in all seriousness, the feeling of finally nailing it is totally worth it. That's why we asked badass yogi Sadie Nardini for some crow pose tips and tricks. (P.S. She also has awesome tips on how to do a handstand.)

How to Do Crow Pose

A. Begin by crouching toward the back of the mat. Place palms flat on the floor, wider than shoulder-width apart.

B. Lift hips to shoulder height (no higher!), and lift heels into "stiletto asana" (on your toes, like in stilettos). Knees should be bent.

C. Widen knees and walk hands back so that triceps line up under shins. Press knees into arms. When comfortable, shift elbows forward over wrists so that toes come off the floor.

D. To stay in this position, focus on pressing palms flat into the floor, rounding and lifting through the spine, squeezing knees in and squeezing arms out.

After practicing your crow, Nardini recommends squeezing out your wrists and forearms to release the tension that's built up in them. If you've got it on lock, don't get too comfortable-now it's time to try side crow pose. (Need even more basic crow pose tips? See what another yogi has to say about mastering this asana.)

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