Let badass yogi Sadie Nardini help you sculpt stronger arms and abs, so you can finally achieve the Insta-friendly yoga pose

By Lauren Mazzo
October 18, 2016

Whether you want to add a bit of extra credit arm toning or work on your handstand post-flow, this is the perfect add-on to your typical yoga practice. This 5-minute, 4-step flow from rocker yogi Saide Nardini will build up your arm and core strength and get you more comfortable than ever with kicking up to a handstand. (For next steps on how to nail a handstand, try our how-to handstand guide.)

1. Start on all fours, fingers spread wide with shoulders over wrists. Inhale, bend elbows and shift hips back over heels so torso lowers a few inches. Then exhale to come back to all fours, arms straight, in a neutral spine with core tight. Do 12 reps.

2. Tuck the toes under and repeat, this time lifting knees a few inches off the floor during the exhale, maintaining a tight core and neutral spine. Do 12 reps.

3. Sit back on heels and sit up, massaging wrists one at a time. Interlace hands behind back, fingers pointing down with a gentle opening in the chest and arch in the back. Exhale and fold forward over knees, touching forehead to the mat and lifting arms towards the ceiling behind the back. Inhale, then exhale and lift back up to sitting.

4. Return to all fours, then lift hips up to downward dog. Walk feet in a few inches closer to hands, so that they are directly underneath pelvis. Stretch left leg back and bend right leg, lifting right heel and bending elbows. Hop off right leg and kick up with left leg, trying to get higher each time so that legs eventually end in an L position, one straight up towards the ceiling and one parallel to the floor. Land back on the right leg with left leg still extending straight back. Do 10 reps, then repeat on opposite side.

Try to chill out rather than get pumped up? Try Sadie's before-bed meditation/yoga mash-up and her special belly breathing technique.

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