She's totally cool with losing her title as 'Queen of Abs'.

When Kayla Itsines announced that she was pregnant with her first child late last year, BBG fans everywhere were eager to see how much the mega-popular trainer would document her journey with her followers. Lucky for us, she's shared plenty of her workouts on her Instagram-including how she's modified her normal high-intensity routines (read: burpees) to be pregnancy-safe.

At the same time, she's made an effort to share that there's no 'normal'-every woman and every pregnancy is unique. "I want women to see that an active pregnancy is OK... and I want to make sure I tell women to take it slow, to make sure they take it easy, to rest, to relax. These things are so important," she tells Shape.

Her new fitness routine is all about walking, postural work, and low-intensity resistance workouts (which research says can help energy levels during pregnancy) when she can fit them in, she says. She's also cut back on all the abs-sculpting workouts, which, ICYMI, she was pretty famous for pre-pregnancy.

While it's safe and healthy to stay active during pregnancy, it's sometimes nice to be reminded of the opposite message; just because you were hitting the gym daily before pregnancy doesn't mean you should feel pressured to remain super active if it's not working for your body. (Emily Skye is another fitness influencer who shared how her pregnancy workouts didn't go as planned.) After all, as experts explain, fatigue and nausea are extremely common, especially during the early stages of pregnancy when your body is depleted of energy as it grows a human life inside of you. (NBD.)

And her message to pregnant women who are being shamed for their fitness or lifestyle choices is an important one: "If you're pregnant and feel pressure or feel you're being shamed, you need to remember that this is your pregnancy, this is a moment that's so special to you," says Itsines. "You need to listen to your body, you need to listen to your doctor, and your loved ones," says Itsines. "Most importantly, just be in tune with yourself. You know what's right for you, you know what's right for your baby, and what makes you feel comfortable. Rest when you need to, eat what makes you feel good, and don't worry about anyone else's opinion. You know what's right for you."

When it comes to 'bouncing back' post-pregnancy, you can expect to see more of this laid-back approach from Itsines. "I don't want women to feel that pressure to snap back or get back to how they were before." Amen.