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The Kettlebell Core Workout That Sculpts Insanely Strong Abs

Sit-ups might be a classic, but it turns out they're a pretty crappy abs exercise; they're pretty easy to cheat and often aren't hard enough to challenge your abs. So WTH are you still doing them? Instead, kick up the intensity of your ab workout with weights. Kettlebells, in particular, are a one-stop shop for body transformation—and make the perfect addition to a too-easy or totally-'blah' ab routine. 

LA-based personal trainer Kathryn Marie can slay some kettlebell moves—and these abs-torchers are no exception. No kettlebell? No worries. You can use a dumbbell or even a milk jug in its place. One important thing to note: since you're adding weight to the mix, it's extra important to learn and maintain proper form so you don't get injured. Pay close attention to Kathryn's queues during the workout video, and don't be afriad to scale-back (and drop the weight) in order to keep the movement safe.

How it works: Follow along with the 4-miute warm-up. You'll do three tri-sets (a group of three moves that you repeat in a circuit) a total of two times. Make sure you keep watching through the 3-minute cool-down. 

You'll need: a kettlebell or dumbbell. Beginners can modify by doing the moves with no weight.

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