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The Low-Impact Walking Workout for Every Fitness Level

Remember those amazing cardio workouts from the 80s and 90s? We're talking spandex, leg warmers and Richard Simmons workouts that were loved by millions. (Speaking of—Jassercize is back, and it just might kick your ass.) Maybe you were too young? Either way, you're going to love this modern-day take on those infamous fat-burning cardio workouts. This one is led by celebrity trainer, Ellen Barrett.

The beauty of this cardio-based workout focuses on getting your heart rate up to workout-level while staying low-impact the entire time. Think you're "too fit" for a walking workout? There are some serious perks to moving your body without making it high-intensity. (See: Should You Swap HIIT for LISS workouts?)

Use this workout to get up and off your couch even when the weather outside is gross, you don't have the energy to make it to the gym, or you're sore from yesterday's sweat sesh. (And if that's the case, try this rest day recovery workout too.)

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