This spinning hook kick of death is the ultimate way to say "back the eff off."

By Lauren Mazzo
July 16, 2017

You might recognize Katherine McNamara's fierce red hair or "come at me, bro" eyes from Shadowhunters, the action-fantasy series on Freeform. She plays the leading role of Clary Fray, a fierce human-slash-angel destined to protect humans from evil demons. But McNamara is no ordinary actress; just like her character, she totally kicks ass. The moves she shows off in Shadowhunters (and in this video) don't only look badass-they'd seriously rock whoever is on the other side of that fist, foot, or elbow.

Aside from mastering these moves, McNamara stays super fit (sometimes training six times a week!) with trainer Nuno de Salles, founder of SWEAT Elite Personal Training Studios in Ontario, Canada. McNamara regularly bangs out treadmill sprints (10 sets of one-minute sprints at a whopping 10 mph, with just 30 seconds rest in between), plyometric exercises, box jumps, sled pushes, chin-ups, push-ups, and heavy weight training like deadlifts, squats, and shoulder presses. For extra cardio, she adds in a little boxing and kickboxing-and that's before she heads to stunt coach Darren McGuire to work on her fighting skills. (Up next: see how Keri Russell got in fighting shape for The Americans.) McNamara works with McGuire four times a week on Goju-Ryu Karate-do, boxing, Muay Thai, Kali, weapons styles such as kenjutsu and kobudo, and McGuire's own kicking technique that's a blend of Japanese and Korean martial arts.

Tempted to try these moves? It's important to work your way up to the moves and go to an actual dojo (martial arts studio) IRL if you want serious training, says McGuire. What you can work on solo: core strength and flexibility. They are key to becoming a serious threat. "Core strength is key for absorbing aggressive energy from your opponent as well as for delivering powerful attacks yourself," he says. "Flexibility is absolutely necessary to keep your balance throughout all moves-especially kicking." (That's why supermodel Gisele Bündchen swears by MMA for a strong body and stress relief.)

Before you go, remember to complete each movement in its entirety and never overextend your limbs, says McGuire. (And, seriously, here's why you should give MMA a shot.)

1. Jab, Cross, Duck

A. Start in a ready stance, left foot slightly in front, knees bent, and fists guarding face with elbows in.

B. Punch left hand forward at face-height, then snap it back and punch right hand forward at face height, pivoting hips and back knee to the front.

C. Snap right hand back and return to ready position, then bend knees to duck down and to the left.

2. Spinning Hook Kick

A. Start in a ready stance, left foot slightly in front, knees bent, and fists guarding face with elbows in.

B. Shift weight forward onto the left foot and start spinning backward over the left shoulder. Drag right foot backward, extending out to kick, reaching peak height when your body faces all the way to the left.

C. Bend right knee and continue spinning to lower right foot and land softly back in starting position.

3. Duck, Block, Elbow

A. Start in a ready stance, left foot slightly in front, knees bent, and fists guarding face with elbows in.

B. Bend knees to duck down and to the left, as if ducking under a punch.

C. Stand and extend left arm up with elbow slightly bent, as if blocking a punch from the front left side.

D. Holding left arm in the block, forcefully drive right elbow up, pivoting hips and back knee forward.

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