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The Pilates Routine That Strengthens and Tones Your Legs

Looking for stronger legs for your New Year's resolution? Fortunately, you don't need a fancy reformer machine to reap the benefits of a dance-worthy leg workout. Pilates can be done anywhere, especially with no-equipment moves that will work the smallest muscles twice as hard. (See: 7 Things You Didn't Know About Pilates) This fine-tuning routine will challenge you and leave your legs shaking in the best way. Then you can balance things out with a strong and sleek upper body Pilates workout.

Workout details: Use a chair or another hard, stable surface for balance. Start with plié jumps and plié foot rolls and butterfly to warm things up. Switch to WundaBesque and Clock sweeps on your left side, then lunges and squats, complete Clock sweeps and WundaBesque on the right side. Change for supine single-leg hip circles, then plank and plank to four-point kneel, then supine single-leg hip circles on the other side. Move into side-lying 90-90 lateral raises, abdominal arcs, then the opposite side-lying 90-90 lateral raises. Finish the routine with a deep lunge stretch and scissors stretch.

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