Unwind, strengthen, and lengthen your whole body.

By Grokker.com
Updated: January 04, 2017

The holidays are over, so you're probably back spending your day hunched over a computer screen or smartphone. The perfect workout to work out those kinks in the spine and neck? Pilates! Strengthening the muscles in your core and back will help protect those sore and stiff areas, whether you're just getting into a new routine or are a regularly practicing athlete. You'll perform better during your workout, as well as at your job itself without those aches holding you back. (Not to mention Pilates works your body all over.)

This workout with Grokker's Lottie Murphy only takes 20 minutes. You'll move your spine in all planes of movement (safely!) and try exercises that improve your posture. Want more? Check out this 20-Minute Pilates Workout for Hardcore Abs or 11 Pilates Moves for Leaner Legs.

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