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The Plyometric Workout That Challenges Even Advanced Athletes

Have you been itching for a plyometric workout challenge? We knew it! Plyometric training consists of quick, explosive movements designed to increase your speed, strength, and agility. In short, it's the perfect cross-training program to take your fitness to the next level. You'll sweat, maybe swear, but end up smiling. Trust us.

This high intensity full-body plyometric workout will be a challenge even for fitness enthusiasts who are already in great shape. There are over twenty different exercises in this video performed for 30 seconds each with a 15-second rest in between. While this is definitely a high-intensity workout, it's also great for those pushing to get in better shape by doing more reps each time. Grokker expert Sarah Kusch will push you through, so get ready to sweat.

Workout Details: You'll start with a dynamic warm-up of about five minutes. Then, you'll do two rounds of calorie-torching exercises, like lunges, mountain climbers, star jumps, squat jumps, fence hops, and burpees. Cool down for six minutes, then give yourself a major pat on the back. No equipment needed.

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