When's the last time you focused on stretching and mobility work? Yeah...thought so.


We get it! The last thing you want to do after a long and hard sweat session is stick around to stretch when grabbing a smoothie and a shower sounds wayyy better. Guess what? Neglecting to work on your mobility and take steps to speed the recovery process can be a detriment to your progress and lead to injury. You may have been able to pull off not stretching as a teenager, but the older you get, the more this becomes an important step for total wellness.

The good news: recovery doesn't have to be boring or take a ton of time. Trainer Kelly Lee put together a routine that serves as a perfect post-workout stretch and recovery break. She'll guide you through active stretches designed to reduce tightness, stress, and tension while increasing your total-body mobility.

You'll need:An exercise mat and a strap or towel.

How it works: You'll start with a warm-up to make sure your muscles are ready to go, then move into a stretch sequence of chest, hip, back, and neck openers.

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