This routine will tighten, tone and lift your lower half in record time


Tighten, lift, tone, and strengthen your entire lower body with an ultra-fast routine. In under 30 minutes, using only your bodyweight, Grokker expert trainer Jaime Mcfaden will guide you through challenging moves that will give you serious results and have you feelin' it tomorrow. (Wondering how to recover? See: 7 Essential Strategies for Post-Workout Recovery)

How's it work? You'll start out with two rounds of kick backs, hamstring curls, jumping jack twists, and side lunges to fire up your core and legs and get your heart pumping. Then you'll launch into three-way squats, single-leg tap backs, and single-leg bridges to hone in on your hamstrings. (Bridges are one of the key moves you should definitely incorporate into your regular routine. See: The 10 Best Exercises For Women) Last, change over to donkey kicks, monkey squats, and overhead toe touches to incorporate your lower abs before launching into fast feet to bump up your heart rate. Repeat the routine to finish strong-and wrap everything up in under 30 minutes. (Looking for more glute action? Try these 6 Butt Exercises That Work Wonders)

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