Four moves, four minutes, and all your effort

By Lauren Mazzo
July 25, 2016

The magic of these moves, courtesy of Instagram fit-lebrity Kaisa Keranen (a.k.a. @KaisaFit), is that they'll torch your core and legs, and recruit the rest of your body too. In just four minutes, you'll get a workout that leaves you feeling like you just came off an hour-long gym sesh. The key? Go all out with effort, so you can feel-and see-the results.

How it works: for each move, do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. (In case you're not familiar, this is called a tabata workout.) Repeat the circuit two to four times for a quick, intense routine that will carve your legs and core. Want to challenge yourself even more? Add another circuit from Kaisa.

Lateral Lunge to Single-Leg Balance

A. Step right leg out into a lateral lunge. Place left hand on ground and lift right arm to the sky.

B. Drive off right foot to come to a single-leg balance on left leg.

Perform every other circuit on the opposite side.

Down Dog with Shin Taps to Push-Up

A. Lower into a push-up.

B. Push up to downward dog and tap left shin with right hand.

C. Lower back down, then push up to down dog and tap right shin with left hand.

Continue alternating.

Traveling In and Out Squat Jumps to Single-Leg Landing

A. From squat, jump to one-legged balance.

B. Jump back out to squat.

Continue jumping in and out, alternating legs.

Single-Leg Side Plank Hip Dips

A. Start in side plank, top leg hovering above bottom leg.

B. Lower hips until hovering slightly above ground. Repeat.

Perform every other circuit on the opposite side.

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