Tone and sculpt from head to toe while perfecting your yoga skills.

Updated: September 21, 2016

Yoga's benefits are undeniable-from a tighter core and toned arms and shoulders, to a mind-clearing effect that puts us in a better head space. But the practice can sometimes put the butt in the back seat (pardon the pun), requiring you to do other workouts to get in that glute-firing burn.

That's not the case with this routine from Grokker expert Ashleigh Sergeant. Adding strength training can provide a full-body workout you wouldn't normally expect from a typical Vinyasa practice, plus it also tones, sculpts, and boosts your bottom. Why does it matter? Not only do strong glutes look hella good in your yoga pants (an added bonus, really), but your booty can also help relieve low back pain, release tight hip flexors, and help you move faster and harder in all of your other workouts. (See: The Best Butt Workouts of All Time.)

Ready to get started? Roll out your mat and work those glutes into shape now.

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